About Us

PixMedley Logo free online collage makerWhat We Do
We specialize in the creation of photo collages.  Our customers can choose to download the collage or receive prints.  Low resolution collages are free to download.  We charge only $1 for high resolution downloads.
We are unique in that we give users the ability to create photo collages with up to 1,000 images and can choose from a massive number (more than 55,000) of print sizes.

How we got started
Our founder wanted to create a big picture collage for each of his 3 kids.  He wanted the collage to contain many images that showed each kids’ history in pictures over the years.  He soon discovered that the various collage-making websites limited him to 30 or fewer images.  But to fully show each kids’ history in a picture collage, he needed many more pictures than just 30!  So, as a software developer he decided to write software to allow him (and now you!) to create a collage that can contain up 1, 000 images.

Sample Collages
Click here to see some samples collages that can be created online with PixMedley.

Our Philosophy
To develop products that meet the unmet needs of our customers.